The rather elegant home of Tarajia Morrell....

Lovely Sepia Toned books.... p.s that Jamie at home book is  beyond wonderful

Loving that grass green sofa!


I am pretty obsessed with Style like U. I just find it so enthralling listening to people talk about their clothes and homes, I am genuinely so interested in peoples lives and stories (I guess that is also why I love nursing). I can really relate to a number of the guests but others are just so different from me and it is those guys that I like listening to.

I have picked the home of  Tarajia Morrell ,owner of fab food blog the Lovage ,to share as it is just so elegant in a way that clumsy old me could never be. That dressing table top is so glam and I just love that beautiful vintage sparkly dress.  Make sure you check out the video found here.

Are there any good interior or design blogs that you guys are currently obsessed with? Let me know as I am starting to build up a good links roll below.

xxx Gabi xxx
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