Happy New Year

Mirror ball stairs!!!!

Just a short post to say I wish everyone a really happy New Year! Thank you to all my 'followers' for making my blog such a happy escapism for me. Your lovely comments, blogs and encouragement have been so wonderfully inspiring.

So here's to 2011 and fully embracing which ever path it leads us down...
Searchforlife (I want to go down this path)

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Velvet underground



The beautiful soup


I am hooked. Yesterday I brought myself a black velvet jacket. I haven't had one of those since I was 14, listening to nirvana, had purple hair and my silver doctor martins! It feels so unbelievably soft, I just want to sleep in it. It has defiantly fuelled my new passion for velvet. Now I really really want a velvet sofa, I may have to make do with some velvet cushions though.

My velvet finds:

Louis chair from Habitat
For those of you who are doers rather than dreamers the Louis velvet chair and sofa range from Habitat is stunning and would look great when worn in.
For me, a dreamer, I think I will be getting one of these beautiful velvet cushions from Toast.

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Bohemian like you...

Bohemian Sitting room interior

Design Sponge
I am in love with this bohemian sitting room!

Pintrest- Beautiful bohemian sitting room
Sonya Marish's house
Desire to inspire
Finders Keepers

After a very snowy Christmas, spending lots of time on the sofa watching cheesy films I have been inspired. I am currently on the look out for a grey velvet sofa like the one in the first picture but that is as low as the one in the second. I can dream.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. xxx

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Happy Christmas break...

I am off to Snowdonia for Christmas. Hope you all have a magical holiday. See you all after Christmas.
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Images - tumblr

After writing about escapism, I have begun thinking about the importance of having a place to escape to and relax, to call your own. A place of solitude. For me it is my bathroom. When I lock that bathroom door the rest of the world stays firmly locked out.  No one will bother me, my boyfriend knows to stay well away. It is my time to be still.

One day I would love a tree house, but I think that is a long way off.

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Tree-houses Part 2.

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To build a home....


My Dream Home

Aren't these beautiful? Personally I would go for the third one but I am sure at a push any of them would do ( ha ha I can dream)!
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Your soul...

What is your soul craving?
Passion - Caster Oil plants are one of my favourite



Good times - Margaritas and Tapas
Wisdom and philosophical converstaion
Design milk

Winter is being a little kinder to us this week and temperatures are above 0. I have actually got out of my nest and attended to my garden. I feel awful that I neglected it over the past couple of weeks, my only visits being a mad dash for the compost heap and a gruelling mission to refill the bird food.

A guy I met in an Indian throw shop once told me that your garden is part of your soul. Your plot of land, your chance to create your own little piece of Eden. If you are neglecting your garden you are probably neglecting your inner self.

When I took that step outside to tend to  my garden I did actually feel sadness, the grass was messy and covered with leaves, my roses were wilted and my pond frozen. As I raked the leaves and pruned my roses I reflected on the past few weeks spent in my 'nest' working on my dissertation and I realised I have been neglecting my self. It is all too easy to stay inside in this cold weather, to hide away as the hibernation instinct takes over, but it really doesn't do us any good.

So this week I am getting out there every day to tend to my soul, to feel the chill on my cheeks and the wind in my hair. I urge you to too, even if you only have a window box or a house plant. Your soul needs you
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Mmmmmm books...

O la la!
Not sure if I like the staircase or the books more..

I love books. Really really love books in fact. So much so that the smell of the print makes me happy. Not those mass produced books, they don't really have a good smell, but those special books with the good quality print, or the old musty ones Mmmmm. 

I would just love those mad Mary Poppins skills, I would jump straight into that first picture, have a bit of Arvo Part playing in the background, a cup of tea and a piece of Ginger cake beside me and read....Heaven.

Please tell me I am not the only one?

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Beautiful Room

Bohemian interior
I am feeling a little rough today, but wanted to share this beautiful bohemian room. It is so beautiful I think it deserves it's own post. Imagine lying on that sofa reading a book, basking in the beautiful natural light.
Hope everyone has had a marvellous weekend

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Beautiful bed cover
Not condoning the use of guns but I love this picture!

I am ashamed to say I am so lazy these days. The problem is it is sooooooo cold! It is so hard to drag myself out of bed, so I have got into the routine of making a flask of Chai tea and returning to bed to do my reading and essays, heaven !

I know it can't go on, but wow in this cold weather it is so tempting to just stay snuggled up in bed forever!

Possibly my favourite film . Eternal sunshine of The spotless mind.

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