Decorating with Vintage Piano Shawls....

Vintage silk Piano Shawl used as a throw
I apologise that this is the 10,000 reblog but Jimi, in that bedroom with that Piano Shawl bed.... :)

Decorating with vintage silk Piano Shawls

The Magical Shae Acopian Detar : Decorating with vintage silk Piano shawls
Gypsy Caravan adorned with beautiful Vintage Piano shawls

I am actually in love with my two Vintage Piano Shawls, one is plain silk with humongous tassels and the other a stunning brown crepe silk with bronze embroidered flowers and tassels. The moment I put them on I feel like I am transformed into some kind of Gypsy/ Stevie Nicks type and swish where ever I walk. Paired with a maxi dress and a pair of Indian sandals, they are my wedding outfit staple. When I am not wearing them they have pride of place draped over the door of my open wardrobe so I can admire them ever time I get dressed...

They do cost a fair old bit for the originals but you can dig out a really good copy on ebay or even dig out a bargain at your local thrift/vintage store. They are well worth an investment..

Of course you could always wear your vintage Piano Shawl :Chinese Shawl circa 1885-1910

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