Wooden Spoons..

Wooden Spoons via OakMoss
DIY Painted spoons
Old Wooden Butter Paddles
Old Wooden Spoons
Owl Wooden spoons
Large Wooden Spoon
All images Via Earth's Kitchen on Pinterest

Im loving all these beautiful vintage, mixed wooden spoons, A perfect edition to any Kitchen :)
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Shirley Kurata's Bubble record player via Refinery 29
Pradne Domy
Crosley Stereo Via Maiedae 
GramoPhone style
Portland, Oregon image by Peter Baker
Crosley Turntable Via A Beautiful Mess
I am most proud of myself, after 8-9 years of sleeping on a mattress on the Floor I have finally invested in an actual KingSize bed and memory foam Mattress, it arrives on Thursday and I cant wait!

My next investment is going to be a new turntable to play my beautiful shiny vinyl on. It would be Shirley Kurata's bubble player in a dream world but that looks really expensive so I am probably going to save for a Crosley.
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Richard Olsen's Handmade Houses

From Richard Olsen's Handmade Houses Photo: © 2012 Kodiak Greenwood

All images from Handmade houses by Richard Olsen
All these beautiful images of beautiful wooden and cob houses are from the Book Handmade Houses by Richard Olsen
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The home of...Adam Pogue

I love finding new design and interior websites to share on Moon to Moon and after drooling over a couple of these pictures on Pinterest I followed a link over to an exciting new discovery in the form of a blog called Old Brand New. Such an awesome blog make sure you head over!

 Here I found these Photo's of Adam Pogues downtown Los Angeles Pad. This place is so awesome. I love the variety of texture and colour, I especially like the Kandinsky style paintings on the wall (my favorite Artist). I may even paint my bedroom a similar colour...

Great find.. make sure you head over to Old Brand New for the full article and even more beautiful Photographs
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A touch of Class..Bathroom Details

Old Taps via flickr
Love this metal rack via Flickr
Brass Taps and pretty flowers
Bath Salts, Via Country Living
Lying in the Bath looking at Pretty Taps, Glass jars of bath salts and breathing in the aroma of luxury aromatherapy bath oils.... makes those Cold English nights worthwhile
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Shop: Joinery

Wire basket
Large Rag Rug
Lunne Tumbler
I would love that wire basket for my kitchen (although it would sadly get totally squished coming from New York to England). And although I am anything but musically talented that Egyptian Tambourine would be a pretty edition to my home. Joinery has some beautiful handmade quality pieces.
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Dream Bedrooms

Wooden Handmade Homes

From the Book Houseboat: Reflections of North America's Floating Homes
Den bedroom
Small den bedroom with big windows
Wooden Handmade Homes
It was the top picture of a wooden bedroom that actually made me start Moon to Moon all those many Moons ago. I have spent so much time studying the picture and wishing I was in that room, lying on that bed, staring out the window, breathing in the smell of nag champra and listening to a bit of Dylan. Bliss....

It has taken a while to find images of rooms that have the same vibe or mystery, but here they are... my dream bedrooms. Simple, wooden and handmade...
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The Home of .... Stone Fox Bride..

Large open spaces with white walls, Beni Ourain rugs, Indian fabrics, Moroccan Pouffes, books organised by colour and yoga in the Living room, what is not to love about Stone Fox Bride's creator Molly Guy's apartment?

Wouldn't trust myself with a glass of red wine though :)

Orginal images and interview from Tales of Endearment 
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Reading is sexy....

Indian Fairy Tales
Beautiful Old books
Vintage fern book via tumblr
My curent read, Glass Books of the Dream Eaters by G.W Dahlquist via Instagram

It's not that I dont like modern technology, I just dont understand why you would want a kindle or electronic book when you can have the real thing!

The smell of the paper, the feel of the book in your hands. The satisfaction of turning the pages, even the awkwardly placed and achy arms that come from trying to read in the bed or trying to to stop your book from dipping into the bath water, for me they all add to the experience of reading a good book.

I never really considered myself a bookworm until a couple of years ago but now I am hooked. Hooked not only on reading, but finding the most beautiful second hand edition of a book too, my new edition of Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Poe is so so pretty and was really cheap on ebay.

Recently I have become a little obsessed with Scarlett Thomas, however my most recent purchase is The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters by G.W Dahlquist, such a weird story, I Love it!!

So what do you think? Are you a fan of the Kindle, a hardback or not a readers at all? Any recommendations?

xxx Gabi xxx
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