Score and Solder Terrarium and planters...

Stunning handmade Terrarium from Score and Solder

Handmade terrariums from Score and Solder

Handmade Terrariums from Score and Solder

I love the hanging Terrariums and the crystal hanging from the one on the right

About 3 months ago I forgot to bid on a beautiful terrarium on ebay and have been so annoyed with myself ever since. I have been collecting a few images on my pinterest account for a while now and although I was looking for a vintage bargain I have fallen in Love with these beautiful Terrarium and planters from Canadian Terrarium maker Score and Solder. I have totally fallen for the suspended teardrop (below) and am so tempted to splash out and buy myself one as a moving in present.

Score and Solder Terrarium - Image from Wit and Whistle

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