Over the top wallpaper ideas....

Beautiful navajo print style wallpaper
Entire novel written on the walls of abandoned home
I always wanted a desert island/tropical beech wall
Wallpaper at Peacock Pavillions
Matching wallpaper, cushion and couch
When I was younger we went to Ross-on-wye and stayed in this awesome holiday cottage that had a tropical beech wall like the one above, having never seen one before, and being 10, I was convinced this was the coolest thing ever!

It is so easy to paint your walls white and use the accessories in your home to add that 'signature' look or theme. I can see the attraction of white walls as it is a bit safer, however coming from a Laura Ashley wallpaper upbringing and being in the proceeds of buying my first house (eeeek!) I have begun thinking that maybe wallpaper might be a nice change from the mundane white rental home walls. Well just for one room maybe......

What do you guys think?

(As I mentioned as I am hopefully buying a house, I may be on here a lot more, trying to calm the nerves)

Happy Sunday xxx GAbi xxx

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