The Hobbit Holes of Hobbiton....

How cute is this little Hobbit Hole of Hobbiton complete with potted Garden?
Hobbit hole: Window and pots
Hobbit Hole of Hobbiton
Hobbiton sign
Hobbit Hole: Beautiful Hobbit house 
Hobbit Hole: Attention to details, love that door handle
Hobbit Hole: House details, drying flowers above the door
Hobbit Hole: Hobbit house entrance - I want to sit there with a pipe and a pint of Ale

The pictures are of the actual Hobbit Holes made for the filming of the new Hobbit movie released later this year. The studio are allowing the public to take a tour of the Hobbit village which has been built on private farm land near Matamata. Al of the pictures are from this awesome dedicated Hobbit house Tumblr which I have spent hours dreaming over.....I am so in love, I WANT a hobbit house......

Hands up who's moving to Hobbiton with me?
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