Interior Inspiration: Mick and Anita in Performance

Bohemian Interior Inspiration: Mick Jagger sitting pretty in Performance
Cecil, Mick Jagger and Anita Pallenberg on the set of Performance
Mick Jagger and Anita Pallenberg in Performance: Textiles in Purple and red mixed with lace xx

Mick and Anita In Performance: Plenty of throws, and mixed textiles

Anita Pallenberg and Moroccan Style light in "That Dress"

An Orange patchwork Throw and Brass Wine Glasses
Have you ever seen a film that you wished you could pause and step into just so you could look at the interiors? Eat, pray, love (that bedroom), Before sunset (her flat), The aunts house in practical Magic (well pointed out Kath) and this film do that for me. I would love to go in and study it all :)

Performance is a strange film, think gangster's, bisexual sex and violence mixed with a fair bit of hammy acting and posing....a true 60's Rock star film...... but the interiors are so very beautiful. Heavy on Moroccan textiles, accessories, lace, brass and opulent furniture. Divine :)

Plus it has Mick Jagger (legend) and the iconic Anita Pallenberg in that beautiful Vintage Piano Shawl worn above as a dress. Swoon!!

How about you guys, any film sets that have inspired you? xxx Gabi xxx

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