Mirrors of the World ...

Bohemian Home: Mirrors of the world

1) This beautiful Antique Indian Peacock Mirror is from Kirtsy Lee

2) These beautiful Tear drop Mother of Pearl Mirrors come in 2 sizes : from Graham and Green

3) Moroccan Brass Mosque mirror from Moroccan Decor

4) Small Tribal  Indian Patwa Crotchet Mirror from etsy

5) Hand carved  Bohemian wooden Indian Mirror from a selection at Batik

Having rented for the last 13 years I have always been to afraid to put much up on the walls or invest in a good mirror. I have had my eye on the Moroccan Mosque Mirror (3) for some time now. My new house is getting valued today by the bank so fingers crossed... then I can put what ever I want on the walls .....
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