Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter....

Tiny Homes, Simple shelter:

Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter: Builder SunRay Kelley built this
"man cave" for a family in Middleton, California 

I recently found out that England has the smallest houses in the 'western' world, which having seen the tiny 'Barrett Homes' that are going up all over the UK, I wasn't surprised. Sadly unlike the houses above, not only are they tiny but of really poor quality and squished so closely together. These new homes are made with crappy materials, have paper thin walls and are popping up on greenbelt land across the country... they make me really angry!

When I saw Lloyd Kahn's recent book , Tiny Homes, Simple shelter it got me thinking, am I annoyed that these British Homes are tiny, or is it just that they are poorly made by companies out to make a quick buck?

The area I live in has loads of beautiful Victorian and Georgian homes and it is so clear to see that even the more modest of them have been built with love and pride. They have been finished with pretty tiles, and stained glass....... and even a front garden!!

The Houses in Tiny Homes Simple Shelter are all under 500 sq.ft. they may be tiny, but they have been made with Love and been well crafted, and the results reflect the warmth and passion that has gone into them. Even a horder like me would love to live in that middle one :)

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