Taylor camp...

Taylor Camp, a tree house village on Kauai: Diane's House  

Taylor camp: John and Marie

Taylor Camp: Diane in her kitchen

Taylor camp: Paulo Sharon and Roberto

Taylor camp: Frank Zappa on the loo

Taylor camp: Dana, Karma big house

Taylor camp: Debi in the Kitchen

Taylor camp: Diane and Richie

Taylor camp: Diane upstairs at Richies
Taylor camp: Alpin at the door

I  found out about Taylor Camp a few weeks ago via Prism of Threads blog and have been reading about it ever since.

"Taylor Camp was born in the spring of 1969 when artist / oceanographer Howard Taylor (brother of actress Elizabeth) bailed out of jail a rag-tag band of young mainlanders arrested for vagrancy and invited them to live on his land; thus setting off immigrating waves of hippies, surfers, seekers and psychologically scarred Vietnam vets to Kauai’s North Shore.
Condemned by the State in 1977, government workers torched the camp before the last resident moved out, leaving behind ashes and magical memories of “the best days of our lives”.

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