Glorious Camping ......

Native American style tent..
The ultimate tent interior? I could sit here for weeks
Tent Near Drikung Til Sky Burial by Lyle Vincent

Magical Fairy lights and tepee combo
Hand made tent

Romantic Hand built tent
Awesome Plant covered tent image sent to me from the Lovely Amy at Daughter of the Sun

Although I am happy I moved jobs, I have had a tough couple of weeks at work, my new ward is extremely intense and unbelievably busy and I feel a little lost and out of sorts at the moment. It is at times like this when I feel the forests calling me, I really have the urge to get out into the countryside and go back to basics, away from the crazy hustle and bustle of city life.

Toast some marshmellows, drink some mulled cider and chat about the meaning of life around a camp fire, Heaven!

Yea, lets all go camping......

 p.s Only 1 day until the full moon give away closes so get your comments in guys 

xxx Gabi xxx

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