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*Warning, rant alert*

The other day my boyfriend asked me why on earth I spent £200 on a leather jacket (half price 'Owain' jacket from All saints - stunning -see below), when I could have got one for half the price elsewhere, and why it was that I was not happy getting any old footstool, why did it have to be some patchwork one from the local 'hippy shop'? At the time I was feeling guilty of my spending, so could not come up with a good answer, but now I have had time to reflect....

I have come to realise that sometimes rather than looking at the bigger picture, it is also important to focus on the details. Although I admit I do shop at Ikea and other shops where mass produced items are sold, I love to indulge by shopping for items that were hand crafted. Made with love and passion and the right materials for the job - no mdf flat pack furniture or cheap looking item suffice when you have seen the real deal - and not always may I add at a higher cost!

Maybe I am just entering a different chapter in my life, I am no longer buying bits and bobs for the house out of necessity as I was when I finished university 5 years ago. Then any sofa would do because I needed somewhere to sit. Now I want to replace that tatty sofa with a nice one I want to have beautiful things!

 I know it sounds very materialistic, and I guess to a certain degree I am.  I appreciate quality craftsmanship and attention to details, and that also goes for my own worklife as a nurse, I wouldn't dream of doing an okay job of patching up a wound, I put care and passion into my work, and I don't think that is a bad thing!

Yes that is Drew Barrymore in MY coat :)
Ha Ha, rant over.
p.s, He is actually a real sweetie pie :)
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