The White Company's 'Orange Grove' candle

The White Company's Signature Orange Grove Candle on my bedside table

I have never accepted products for review on Moon to Moon before, as I don't want to be one of those bloggers that bombard my readers with stuff I would never use. When I was contacted by The White Company however, and asked if I would review one of their candles of course I jumped at the chance. I love candles and always have one by my bedside to help me chill after a stressful day in the Hospital.

The review was to be for a Scented candle. Now I often have scented candles but I am really, really, really, fussy about my fragrances. The smell of sickly sweet artificial Vanilla or Candy quite honestly makes me feel nauseous, I am more of a Frankincense, Patchouli, or ylang ylang girl, so I was a bit apprehensive of what I may get sent.

The 'Orange Grove' candle that arrived in the post however was really yummy and arriving in a posh box was so much more luxurious than anything I would usually buy myself. As for the fragrance I was pleasantly surprised, it had  a really subtle Orange fragrance that doesn't smell in the slightest bit artificial or overbearing. Having burnt the whole 28 hours worth of candle in a week I can honestly say this candle was a total winner with me...

At £20 this candle is a bit out of my usual price range for myself, but it would be a candle I would be proud to give to my mum or a friend.

P.s .. I would love your feedback on whether you would like to see more reviews on Moon to Moon.... relevant ones of course!!

pps. had a comment and a number of emails about other items in picture so.... Prism and postcard from the wild unknown. Mini crystal ball from Glastonbury, rings brought from Nepal and China, Scarlett Thomas Book is my current read, I really recommend 'the end of mr y' if you haven't read it already, the leaf I use as a bookmark and is from my favourite tree the Ginkgo Biloba... and Bea.... I am ashamed to admit that is a plastic plant from ikea put into a terracotta pot 

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