Creating a Relaxing Bohemian Bedroom

Dreamy Bohemian Bedroom via the boat people
Starry bedroom Wall
Dreamy bedroom, in a porch

Dreamy bohemian bedroom complete with houseplants and a hammock
Dreamy bohemian bedroom via Elle Interior
Gasp.... that bedding
Beautiful bohemian Art Nouveau bedding, ethnic rugs, hammocks to read in, sheepskin on the floor, stars on the walls, houseplants, pillows and cushions... what more could a girl want when creating a relaxing bedroom?

I have started my first shift as an A&E nurse today (so excited and scared) and know the job is going to be tough so I have been obsessing about creating the perfect relaxing bedroom. Candles, incense, velvet cushions and a stunning vintage crotchet blanket have....

 I am in the process of saving up for my first actual bed in 7 years.... the romantic notion of a mattress on the floor is wearing a little thin...

What are your essential unwind items for your bedroom?

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