Insta-Homes.... Karie Reinertson from Shelter

I have become obsessed with instagram. Call me nosey, but I am so interested in people and how they live, I think thats why I became a nurse. So many people have such beautiful homes that they share on instagram, so I put an instagram call out for people to share theirs and I have been overwhelmed with images.

So this is the first of my Insta-homes posts, featureing the home of the talented bag maker Karie Reinertson from Shelter. I have chosen this home as it has such a beautiful, warm inviting feel, full of beautiful textiles and patterns. I would love to sit on that chair, read a book and listen to a bit of Dylan. The beauty of her home is reflected in her stunning hand made bags... i Urge you to check them out here.

If you have a beautiful home you would like to be considered for insta-homes then #moontomoon in instagram
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