Space colony on the Moon

Space Colony Artworks credited to NASA Ames Research Centre

I love Science Fiction. Star-trek, Star wars, Firefly, V, 2001, Lost in Space..... even Doom...I love them all, they fuel my secret dream of living in a space station or having a little space ship... not impossible I am sure :)

So you can imagine I was mega excited by the news that NASA 'may' be planing to build a space station just outside the moon's orbit. So cool right?

Above are some wonderful Space Colony Artworks from the 1970's, that I first discovered, and drooled over, via Lune Blog some months back. The are NASA concept images from the NASA Ames summer studies from the 1970's depicting life on a Space Colony.... Indoor forests and lakes... I could defiantly live here...

What do you guys think? Would you move to a space colony or stay down on Earth?

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