Who said Dens were just for kids?

I am in love with this adult den with handmade blankets, it has inspired me.

Some one to share your den with

Adult Den in a loft

An awesome den in a tree house

Another tree house den

A romantic grown up fort

A garden den

Beautiful mosquito net canopy den
Bohemian Canopy bed

Heaven !

Not actually a den, but I just love that film (and that dress)

I love the den in the Royal Tenenbaums
Do you ever wish you could build a den like you did when you were little? A hide away where the outside world could not get in? I would love one like in the Royal Tenenbaums but maybe a more grown up version might be a little bit more acceptable at my age.

p.s. Any of you lucky enough to be in or around Melborne this Saturday and looking for some stunning Christmas treats ( suzani cushions, Karen tribe pillows, Moroccan wedding blankets, Indian necklaces) from around the world check out Gypsy Rivers open day. I am totally bummed that I can't go.
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