Creating a bohemian bedroom.. Pt 1. Lighting

The Astrostarlight projection kit -For the romantic bohemian that loves to lie under the stars.
A make it yourself lamp - flimsy with bad reviews on Amazon but I personally think this was one of my best ever purchases. I love it!!!!

For creating a chilled out bohemian Interior - Habitat's wonderful Moon lamps designed by Buzz Aldridge

Moroccan style lanterns like this one from Grahame and Green - Casablanca Tyre Lamp give a Bohemian glow and create patterns on the wall
These bohemian Handmade lampshades with dried leaves could be made easily

Create a romantic bohemian mood :Bohemian lighting: Fairy Lights
The ultimate source of  bohemian moon lighting - The candle

 It doesn't matter what colour the walls or how many beautiful furnishings you have if a room is too bright or too dingy it wont help you achieve the chilled out vibe you are looking for. Lighting can be used to great effect to improve not only the look of a room but also your mood.

Light therapy has been used for centuries and many ancient cultures practised various forms of 'heliotherapy', including Ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome. The Inca, Assyrian and early German settlers also worshipped the sun as a health bringing deity.

I am a big fan of candle light, I swear the world seems like such a better place without any electrical interference. I am a big fan of power cuts :)

If you love the vintage look I thoroughly suggest you check out Goldstone Studios beautiful vintage lamps. They are just stunning!!

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