Easy Way ::: Earn Money Post 5

This post can change life for those who are facing some money problems
in living life. This mail also can help for mail senders who send mail to the group/forums. They can earn for her/his writing/composing.....

If you like to write articles at the same even earn money then there are several websites out there which pay you for writing articles online. Thanks to the Internet for creating opportunities for people like you to make money online for the thing you enjoy doing a lot. Webmasters are in search of writers who are talented and would like to share their passions with other people around the world. They share a certain part of their ad revenue with their writers for writing great articles. The revenue on an article depends mainly upon the quality of the content, the company and many other things. I have grouped a few websites which pay you for writing articles,

I was looking for legitimate writing sites which compensate authors. Writing sites like these are mushrooming and there are worries of scams amongst them. Triond has been on the top list of writing websites which pay me dutifully every month. But I decided that I need to look at other sites to earn more from my freelance writing activity - thus, the search for legitimate writing sites.

Here is a short list of get-paid-to-write sites which I know for sure has actually paid its authors. ( here is one and for more check published posts in blog post list)

8-- Helium

Helium is a publishing website which allows you to write articles on various topics. You can either write articles based on topics others have written before or make up your own category. Helium is famous for its rating system. It allows readers to compare 2 articles of similar topics or titles to determine which the better one is. As such, your article will be ranked against other articles written by other writers. Your earnings is based on your article ranking and the number of page views you get. Apart from performance payment, Helium also organizes contest where you can win cash. At Helium Marketplace, there is a list of articles wanted by websites or magazines. You can write an article based on the topic they requested and hopefully, website owners or magazine editors will pick yours up. You can be paid a lump sum for that. They pay via Paypal once you reach $25.


9-- Review Stream

At Review Stream, you can write reviews on books, hotels, products, places, cities, practically anything. Once you submit the reviews, the editors will review them, reject or accept them. The current rate for each piece of review is $2 if accepted. However, sometimes your review may not meet their criteria. As such, you can be paid the bulk rate which is the current rate divided by 5, in this case 40 cents. On top of that, every vote pays 10 cents. You can get paid via PayPal after reaching the threshold of $50. You need not sign up to write reviews for them.


*** Whichever website you choose to write for, it is best to tread with caution. Try out by submitting a few articles and see if you like their system. If you are sure that the site is the best for you to showcase your writing abilities and get paid for them, then you can go ahead and spend more time and effort on the site.

Good luck and keep earning!

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