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This post can change life for those who are facing some money problems
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If you like to write articles at the same even earn money then there are several websites out there which pay you for writing articles online. Thanks to the Internet for creating opportunities for people like you to make money online for the thing you enjoy doing a lot. Webmasters are in search of writers who are talented and would like to share their passions with other people around the world. They share a certain part of their ad revenue with their writers for writing great articles. The revenue on an article depends mainly upon the quality of the content, the company and many other things. I have grouped a few websites which pay you for writing articles,

I was looking for legitimate writing sites which compensate authors. Writing sites like these are mushrooming and there are worries of scams amongst them. Triond has been on the top list of writing websites which pay me dutifully every month. But I decided that I need to look at other sites to earn more from my freelance writing activity - thus, the search for legitimate writing sites.

Here is a short list of get-paid-to-write sites which I know for sure has actually paid its authors. ( here is one and for more check published posts in blog post list)

1- Triond


At Triond, you can get paid for writing articles, publish photos, videos and audio materials. You are free to write on any topic you like and submit them. You can even write in other languages besides English. Once your material is approved by the admin, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Triond to notify you that your article has been published. They will tell you where the article has been published. Triond has many affiliate sites pertaining to different topics. So you may have your articles published at different websites if you write about different things. Triond will automatically pay via PayPal on the 15th of every month once you have earned at least 50 cents, lowest payout so far. Payment is based on an ad-revenue sharing scheme as well as the number of page views. Triond only accepts an original material which has never been published elsewhere before.

I have personally tried Triond and all I can say that it’s one of the best places to get paid for writing articles. You can write any article related to any topic for that matter provided it makes some sense. Writers get 50% of the ad revenues that is generated from the articles submitted by the authors.


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