!!*!! I'm Missing You...!!*!!

~*~ I'm missing you ~*~

Holding back the tears that are dying to come out

Nobody can know that I still think of you

We're over, there's nothing left of us

So why are the tears starting to fall?

It isn't supposed to be this way at all

We said our goodbyes, supposably moved on

You don't want anything to do with me

So why are you in my thoughts?

We fought all the time, non-stop

You always called me names

Made me feel guilty for everything

So why do I still need you?

I'm the one who chose to end it

I thought that was what I wanted

It was better off that way for both of us

So why do I still love you?

I won't let anyone know my feelings of you.

Nobody can know that I'm still loving you.

Please Lord, forgive me for I have sinned.

I've committed the biggest crime:

I'm missing you..........


~*~ "I'M MISSING YOU!" ~*~

Why can't I speak when I have so much to tell?

Why can't I write when I have so much in mind?

Why can't I sing when there's music in my heart?

Why can't I dance when there's rythm in the air?

Too many words left unspoken

Too many things left undone

Why can't it be and why can't I?

For all I know this pain deep inside

Took the gladness from my heart.

Is this the pain of missing you?

Is this the reason behind it all?

Hear the agony of my heart

Longing for you and for your touch

Feeling your lips, feeling your face

Missing your kisses and warm embrace.

When will the waiting ever be over?

For as long as were apart I can never be whole

Oh! My Dearest Love

I just want you to know

That my heart is aching because



~*~ Missing You ~*~

My heart aches within from missing you,

My lips long for the feel of kissing you,

Right now all I need is to gently touch your skin,

To look into your eyes and see deep within,

Just one warm embrace,

Just to look upon your face,

Just one little touch,

From the one I love so much,

If I could gaze upon your smile,

For just a little while,

To know that you miss me too,

As I'm thinking of you,

To hear the sound of you breathe,

Knowing you'll never leave,

To see you walk up to me,

Then embrace you tenderly,

To just be with the one who's sent my heart reeling,

And brought about this downpour of emotion and feeling,

I sit here alone in my office tonight,

And pray that somehow this all turns out right,

I've never been one to do more taking than giving,

I'm not well off but I work hard for a living,

I've told you many thoughts that weren't borrowed or bought,

And in lifetime, who would have thought,

That I have found someone who was just meant for me,

I can't explain the magic or why this should be,

But there is one thing that I know for certain,

That this just ain't over till one of us draws the final curtain,

For I've seen an angel and I want you to know,

If it's my choice to make, I'll never let you go,

Don't know what life holds, maybe there's no reason or rhyme,

To think you may be mine in a matter of time,

And though I cannot touch you and we are now apart,

My Love, you do dwell, so deep within my heart.


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