Sometimes i find my self thinking of you more then i should
but i wont stop my self even if i could
thinking about how i wish i could fell your kiss again
your warmth, your presence making me happy is this a sin
evertime i see you i want to show u how i fell
i want to hold you and show you what we had was real
i remember the first time you said i love you
and i said i love you too
you were there through the good and bad
you were there if i was mad or sad
because i could always count on you to make me smile
when u act like there is nothing between us it's just u in denial
but the truth is no matter what u still have such an impact on me
it just took me a while to see
that theres still a place for you in my heart
when ever we decide to began from a new start...


~*~ Sometimes : True Pain ~*~

Sometimes I feel alive
sometimes I feel dead
sometimes my heart hurts
sometimes it's all in my head

Sometimes I feel lonely
sometimes I need my space
sometimes there are no problems
sometimes I've got too much to face

Sometimes things go right
sometimes things go wrong
sometimes I fit right in
sometimes I just don't belong

Sometimes I want to laugh
sometimes I want to cry
sometimes I want to live
sometimes I want to die

Sometimes I want to face life
sometimes I want to be gone from sight
sometimes I want to run
sometimes I want to fight

Sometimes I want to sing
sometimes I want to shout
sometimes I know the asnwer
sometimes I'm in doubt

Sometimes I'm happy
sometimes I'm sad
sometimes I'm scared
sometimes I'm mad

Sometimes I want to win
sometimes I want to lose
sometimes I listen to music
sometimes I watch the news

Sometimes I make decisions
sometimes I'm told what to do
sometimes I find life hard
sometimes so do you.....


~*~ I'll Always Love You ~*~

Sometimes, I'm a little rude, but just sometimes
Sometimes, I guess I can be creative, but just sometimes
Sometimes, I feel on top of the world, but only sometimes
Sometimes, I feel like I'm all alone, but only sometimes
Sometimes, my life is spiraling out of control, but really, sometimes
Sometimes, my heart, I swear stops beating, but then again, sometimes
Sometimes, my heart is so full it could burt, but just sometimes
Sometimes, I feel like I've got it under control, but only sometimes
Sometimes, I truly know you love me, but just sometimes
But, my love, with all of my heart, mind, and soul. Forever and for always, I'll always love you


~*~ Sometimes Sometimes Sometimes ~*~

Sometimes i feel like im left out,

Sometimes I don't like my life,
just sometimes.

Sometimes I feel like the world
should be different,
but only sometimes.

Sometimes I feel creative,
just sometimes.

Sometimes I just think there's a missing piece,
only sometimes.

Sometimes I feel like people don't like me,
just sometimes.

Sometimes I feel like the world is after me,
but just only sometimes

Sometimes Sometimes Sometimes


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