Reflection: Serious trouser envy: Janis bells from the marvellous Novella Royale

Reflection: Incorporating two of my favourite Aussie lables. Kerrie from Gypsy River in her Spell Leggings
Ultimate reflection aid: Herbal tea :)

I have been a bit absent from here recently. September has been a month of roller coaster emotions.

One of my friends lost his battle with bi-polar and sadly took his own life which, has been absolutely heart breaking for me and all my friends :(

I also got myself my dream job as a nurse in the Emergency Department which I really excited about.... but also extremely nervous

As a result September left my brain and body feeling exhausted and desperately in need of some time out to reflect upon life's tragic lows and happy highs and prepare myself for what I want to achieve in my future.

So I just wanted to say a big thank you to all Moon to Moons followers and sponsors for your words, emails and silent visits, you guys really keep me motivated and inspired so I apologise for my absenteeism but now, Moon to Moon is back. To stay :)

xx gabi xx

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