Zen moments..


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I have had a bit of a rough time recently, miserable winters, too much study and working 50+ hour weeks in the hospital has been getting me down a bit and i have been finding it hard to shake off the mean blues. No amount of shopping for jewellery or eating yummy food has done the trick.

Yet this morning I had a breakthrough, Before I had even opened my eyes I was aware of the birds singing happily in the garden and through a gap in the curtain a ray of sunshine was warming my face. Pure bliss. Everything seemed so much clearer and the weight of the last 5 months was lifted. These unexpected moments of natural clarity are so rare and precious aren't they?


I would like to thank the owners of 'simply me' and 'Bohemian Valhalla' for their spotlighting Moon to Moon. Both kindred spirits and beautiful blogs I urge you to check them out xx

It has come to my attention that in my shear laziness in the past I have been useless at referencing my sources. I have no excuses and I will aim to link from here on xx

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