The jewellery of ....

The Jewellery of Lani via Spell 
Some of my own

The jewellery of Lulu de la Falaise via The Errant Aesthete
The jewellery of Matthew Williamson

The jewllery of Courtney Brook via Light Witch
The Jewellery of Andrea Linett via Spell and the Gypsy Collective

In preparation for a series of guest spots I have been plotting lately, I have been looking through my favourite blogs to get some beautiful interiors, and found a lot of fellow bloggers are as obsessed with jewellery as myself.

I hang it from every surface and often get told off for the little piles of rings and necklaces left on the mantle piece, kitchen table, or even the floor. I don't wear all of it but I think it looks so pretty and gives me great satisfaction.
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