Dating Tips

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Dating tips for your first date

Dating Tips


Always choose a comfortable, calm and quite place for the date.

Try to keep the conversation going smoothly.

Talk on interesting issues rather than dry subjects.

Always laugh at the his/her jokes.

Always be on time.

Be yourself.

Let your mate have equal say in the conversation.

Be romantic.

Be confident.

Show respect for your mate’s wishes.


Try a new haircut on a first date.

Eat with your mouth open.

Try to be someone you are not.

Discuss religious issues that are controversial.

Forget to thank his/her for the date.

Ask too many questions.

Talk about yourself all the time

Tell about your previous relationships or dates.

Show up in improper attire.

Leave the home without checking your money or credit card.

First Date

Things You Should Know
Plan in Advance
Before you ask out your date out it is a good idea to plan everything.
For example, if you are going out to eat, make reservations in advance.
Once you have made your plans tell your date what you have planned so
he/she can prepare in advance. It is good to tell a date what time you
will pick them up and what time you expect to bring them home.
If your dating is more serious it is still a good idea to discuss
your plans with your date.

Who Should Pay On the First Date?

Whoever asked for the date, pays for the first date.
Alternating during subsequent dates is fair. Always make an effort
to pick activities that fall within both of your budgets.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Expressing your love through actions while dating is very helpful
in improving a relationship. Relationships advance as love is expressed,
not just words. If you want to express love to your dating partner
the best way is to show the person you are dating that u care this
is done by acts of kindness, going out of your way to show that you care,
being patient and being gentle. Remember if someone is assessing if you
love them they will probably judge by your actions rather than your words.

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