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I come from family that growing up were in love with wallpaper. Usually Laura ashley, William Morris and Sanderson prints. Not just in one room, but every room had its own print complete with matching curtains, trimmings, tie backs, cushions and bed covers. The wall paper was usually eccentric and opulent and suits my parents perfectly, they would not have been happy with magnolia.

For me though, living in rented accommodation for the last 12 years, I have come to long for white walls. My new house has a hideous feature wall in brown, that is made worse by the wardrobe shaped blue square on one side (soooooo Lazy!) that i will have to paint over. With white you can always spruce it up with Mexican throws, artwork, bookcases or cushions and the all important Houseplant. Even my parents are now starting to play it a little more "safe".

What do you guys think, are you confident with wallpaper or playing it safe with white?

xxx Gabi xxx

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