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Winter is being a little kinder to us this week and temperatures are above 0. I have actually got out of my nest and attended to my garden. I feel awful that I neglected it over the past couple of weeks, my only visits being a mad dash for the compost heap and a gruelling mission to refill the bird food.

A guy I met in an Indian throw shop once told me that your garden is part of your soul. Your plot of land, your chance to create your own little piece of Eden. If you are neglecting your garden you are probably neglecting your inner self.

When I took that step outside to tend to  my garden I did actually feel sadness, the grass was messy and covered with leaves, my roses were wilted and my pond frozen. As I raked the leaves and pruned my roses I reflected on the past few weeks spent in my 'nest' working on my dissertation and I realised I have been neglecting my self. It is all too easy to stay inside in this cold weather, to hide away as the hibernation instinct takes over, but it really doesn't do us any good.

So this week I am getting out there every day to tend to my soul, to feel the chill on my cheeks and the wind in my hair. I urge you to too, even if you only have a window box or a house plant. Your soul needs you
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