Wooden Homes pt.2

I have posted the above picture before but I love it

Aren’t these natural wooden homes gorgeous? I spend so much time dreaming about houses that have beautiful fabrics and great Moroccan detailing etc… but every now and then I come across a picture of a handmade wooden home, surrounded by nature, made with passion and oh so very homely and I feel like such a fool for being so suckered in by all the marketing of the must have iphone and expensive bath oils.

Life could be so much more simple, so less stressful, if I just calmed down and was surrounded by nature , living a life where there was no mobile phones and handmade bath oils. 

As I have been reminded recently we are all part of the universe, isn’t it so funny that sometimes we forget this? So this post is dedicated to Kara from ‘once there was a tree’ for reminding me. (I urge you to check out her blog)
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