Likes and dislikes

Self Portrait (posing in other words) Nikon D3000

I like eating popcorn and chocolate together 
I like the smell of freshly cut grass in spring 
I like having the streets to myself when walking to work at 6am 
I like people with good manners 
I like finding bargains, whether it be apples or clothes 
I like long train journeys with my ipod 
I like old people 
I like having cocktails with my parents 
I love spending time alone 
I love my boyfriend 
I dislike people who make me feel anxious/small 
I dislike anger, shouting and hostility 
I dislike third world dept 
I dislike racism and homophobia  
I dislike Ignorance 
I secretly want to give up my life and live in an Ashram in India  

That was a good exercise, is't it strange the things that pop into your head? Thanks to Crystal Calliope for the idea, Feel free to post your likes and dislikes.
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